Check Out Our Urban Dictionary Entry

What happens when you get five friends together?  Drink beer.  Smoke cigars.  Talk about sex.  Create new sexual terms.  Part of the conversation popped up about the vagomach (the part of the abdomen that pooches out over the vaginal area after a woman has experienced childbirth), which sparked the discussion of what a man’s pooch would be called.  And so the term phallcony was born.

Phallcony is the portmanteau of balcony and phallus.  Phallus, of course, being the penis and balcony referring to the overhanging pooch.  After doing some Googling, there wasn’t any sign on the internet that this was a term that had been coined before, so we submitted an entry to Urban Dictionary.  That same day our entry was approved and we will now go down in Urban Dictionary history as the spawners of phallcony.

Check out the Urban Dictionary entry below:



Photo by Romain Vignes on Unsplash

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