Roles in the Fetish Lifestyle (A-G)

The roles below are those available to select on Fetlife.  There may be other roles or more in-depth definitions of the roles.  The definitions are the bare minimum for each of these as everyone’s relationships and statuses vary on a spectrum.

Ageplayer: a person who engages in role-play in which one or more of the participants takes on an age other than their chronological age.

Babyboy: a person who identifies as possessing childlike traits, usually masculine-presenting.

Babygirl: a person who identifies as possessing childlike traits, usually feminine-presenting.

Being mentored: a mentee who receives advice and suggestions from a trusted advisor or counselor.

Being served: a dominant who has negotiated a transfer of authority with a submissive can be said to be “being served”.

Big: a person who takes on a nurturing or parental role in a relationship dynamic.

Bootblack: a person who polishes and/or spit-shines a pair of boots, either as a gesture of submission, -style uniform play, boot worship, or to mark the beginning of a scene.

Bottom: a person who gives up control, or who receives physical sensation from a Top.

Boy: a usually masculine-presenting submissive person.

Brat: a submissive with a reputation for talking back, being disrespectful or mildly disobedient.

Brother: a usually male-presenting person under the control of the same dominant.

Bull: a male who assists a cuckoldress in cuckolding her partner.

Collared: a submissive or slave who is the consensual partner of a dominant of some sort.

Considering: a person receiving/having power is still considering or deciding whether to accept the lesser-power partner.

Cougar: an older woman seeking sexual activity or a sexual relationship with a younger man.

Cuckold: a man who enjoys a scenario such as being forced to sit and watch quietly while his partner has sex.

Cuckoldress: a woman who cuckolds her partner.

Cuckquean: a female who enjoys a scenario such as being forced to sit and watch quietly while her partner has sex.

Daddy: a male who takes on a caregiving role in a relationship; often, but not always, a dominant and frequently observed to be nurturing.

Disciplinarian: a person who trains another person to act or behave in a specified way, often by enforcing rigid codes of conduct or by inflicting punishment for failure to behave in a prescribed way.

Doll: a person who enjoys being or evolving into a doll-like state mentally and physically.

Dominant (m or f: Dom; f: Domme/Domina): a person who exercises control in a D/s relationship.

Drag King: a female performance artist who dresses in masculine drag and personifies male gender stereotypes.

Drag Queen: a male performance artist who dresses in feminine drag and personifies female gender stereotypes.

Evolving: a person undergoing a gradual change in the world of kink.

Exhibitionist: a person who delights in, or obtains some form of gratification from, behaving extravagantly in order to attract attention.

Exploring: a person on an open journey through the world of kink.

Fetishist: a person who gains sexual excitement through a fetish.

Fluctuating: a person having unpredictable ups and downs in the world of kink.

Furry: a person who identifies in an anthropomorphic role.

Girl: a usually feminine-presenting submissive.

All definitions are obtained from BDSM Glossary, a glossary of terminology related to BDSM/Kink/Fetish and sexuality.


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Image by joshuatkd from Pixabay

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