Recording with NVT Studios & K101 Podcast

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve been discussing podcasts surrounding sex, polyamory, swinging, kink, and other sex-positive communities.  There’s one that deserves to be highlighted above all others, and it’s not because they had me on their podcast as a guest host.  Take a peek behind the leather curtain for all things kink, BDSM, fetish, swinger, poly, and other sex-positive communities with NVT Studios & K101 Podcast.

Hosted by high school sweethearts, Mr. NVT and eNVy, the hosts of this podcast deliver bi-weekly live broadcasts intermixed with recorded shows published throughout the week.  What started as a munch turned into a full show with production staff and all the chaos that surrounds it.

Mr. NVT and crew invite locals in the lifestyle community to sit in their hot seat and be interviewed.  After having to reschedule my original recording date, I was finally able to get into their podcast studio, set up in Sal’s basement.  I’m naturally an introvert, especially in a room full of people I don’t know, but never have I felt more at home than when I walked into their studio.  Everyone was so lovely, warm, and welcome!

Each of the individuals who help produce K 101 has their own story and their own pathway they took into the lifestyle.  You can find the cast and crew at their social media below:

Mr. NVT – Fetlife | Twitter
eNVy – Fetlife | Twitter
SAL – Twitter
KMFDMike – Twitter
Wallstreet – Twitter
Syn – Twitter
CirceInKnots – Twitter
Chapin – Twitter
His Happy Pet – Twitter

In addition to sitting in their hot seat and being interviewed about polyamory, my pathway to the scene, and my blog, I guested on an additional episode about introducing kinks in a vanilla relationship.  My favorite quote from the episode might be, “One knuckle, two knuckles, then elbow deep.”  Watch the NonVanillaTryst K 101 Podcast on Youtube or listen on Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | iHeart Radio for more details behind the quote!


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