UPDATE! Sixteen New Terms in the Glossary

Agender: a person who is without gender.

Binary: A word meaning “two of” used to describe social understandings based on the two common genders; either male or female

Cis-cis: a person who identifies as such because of their assigned sex and they maintain traditional gender roles and psychological feelings in accordance with their assigned sex.

Cisgender (cis): a person who has a gender identity that aligns with what they were assigned at birth.

Cis-genderless: a person who defaults to their assigned gender due to either lacking gendered feelings or lacking understanding of gender.

Emotional Attraction: the desire to share emotional vulnerability with a person.

Gender: a person’s personal understanding of what it means to be male, female, or something else, based on their understanding of their own identity, as well as the influence of all the gender messages they have experienced in their lifetimes.

Genderqueer: a person whose gender identity cannot be limited to male or female.

Intersex: a person who is born with genetic, hormonal, or physical sex characteristics that do not fit the medical definitions of male or female.

Non-binary Gender: any gender identity which does not fit the male and female binary.

Physical Attraction: the desire to share sexual intimacy with a person.

Romantic Attraction: the desire to have a relationship with a person.

Sex Assigned at Birth: the assumptions made about an infant’s gender based on the observation of their external genitals at birth.

Sexual Orientation: a combination of physical, romantic, and emotional attractions that determine with whom people want to have relationships or engage in sexual activity.

Third Gender: a gender identity used to describe any gender role outside of binary male or female.

Transgender: a person whose internal experience of gender does not match the gender they were assigned at birth.


Photo by Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash

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