Holidays of Sex, Love, and Kink

A fellow member of a kink related group on Facebook asked about kink related holidays, and it got me wondering what sort of sex, love, and kink holidays are there?  I’ve always been interested in unique holidays and even have a favorite website for learning about new holidays.

Holiday Insights has always been my source of holiday information.  Lately, my work has been using National Day Calendar for holiday inspiration.  In addition to these two websites, I also used Cute Calendar for holiday research.  Even with using these three websites, there were still some holidays I wasn’t able to find ample enough information to warrant a link.  If you find that I’ve missed something, let me know!


January 03 – National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day
January 05 –
National Whipped Cream Day
January 06 –
National Cuddle Up Day
January 08 – National Bubble Bath Day
January 08 – Male Watcher’s Day
January 12 – Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day
January 12 – Kiss a Ginger Day
January 13 – National Shower Together Day
January 15 – International Fetish Day
January 21 – National Hugging Day
January 24 – National Compliment Day
January 26 – Spouse’s Day


An Affair to Remember Month
Creative Romance Month
National Wedding Month
1st Week –
Intimate Apparel Market Week
Week of Valentine’s Day
National Condom Week
3rd Week
 – International Flirting Week
February 5National Shower with a Friend Day
February 7-14
National Marriage Week
February 14
Valentine’s Day
February 15Singles Awareness Day


Week of International Women’s DayInternational Women’s Week
March 8
– International Women’s Day
March 13 –
National Jewel Day
March 14
Steak and Blow Job Day
March 20National Proposal Day


Sexual Assault Awareness Month
National Couple Appreciate Month
April 09 –
National Unicorn Day
April 14Cake And Cunnilingus Day
April 18 – National Anal Sex Day
3rd Saturday – Husband Appreciation Day
April 23Lover’s Day
April 23 – National Little Space Pride Day
April 24 – National Lingerie Day
April 28Kiss Your Mate Day


International Masturbation Month
Date Your Mate Month
1st Week – Intimate Apparel Market Week
1st Friday
– No Pants Day


LGBTQIA Pride Month
June 10
 – National Sex Day
June 12Red Rose Day
June 12National Loving Day
June 19National Kissing Day
June 22 – No Panty Day


Week After Independence DayNude Recreation Week
July 02 – National Hand Job Day
July 06International Kissing Day
July 07World Chocolate Day
July 08Body Painting Day
July 14National Nude Day


Romance Awareness Month
Sunday nearest August 26Go Topless Day
1st Week – Intimate Apparel Market Week
August 01
National Girlfriends Day
August 05National Underwear Day
August 25Kiss and Make Up Day


Sexual Health Month
3rd WeekNational Singles Week
Saturday of Singles WeekNational Singles Day
September 04World Sexual Health Day
September 23Celebrate Bisexuality Day
September 26
– Love Note Day
September 30National Love People Day


National Family Sexuality Education Month
3rd Saturday
 – National Sweetest Day
October 03
National Boyfriend Day
October 11National Coming Out Day
October 13National No Bra Day
October 21 – International Fisting Day
October 28National Chocolate Day


1st Week – Intimate Apparel Market Week
November 04
– Sex Toy Day
November 11 – Singles Day (China)
November 23
 – Fuck Like A Pirate Day


December 16National Chocolate Covered Anything Day


Photo by Lauren Sauder on Unsplash

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