The NonVanillaTryst K101 Podcast Talks Crotch Cooties and How to Avoid Them

Four score and seven years ago, long before COVID-19 decided to turn the world into a game of The Floor is Lava and confining us to our cages homes, I recorded with NVT Studios & K101 Podcast!

If you don’t remember who the crew of wonderful misfits are or the podcast they produce, Mr. NVT and the crew invite locals in the lifestyle community to sit in their hot seat and be interviewed regarding all things kink, BDSM, fetish, swinger, poly, and other sex-positive communities.

In addition, they share lifestyle articles and discuss and relate to the topics featured.

Well, guess which blogger was featured for her article, Crotch Cooties and How to Avoid Them on a recent episode!

That’s right, beautiful bitches, Jewell de Lis!

(or Lay if you agree with Mr. NVT)!

Take a listen to the recording of NVT Studios & K101 Podcast‘s October 7th, 2020 live stream talking about STIDs, your favorite blogger’s article on crotch cooties, and said blogger’s need for a name change.

Each of the individuals who help produce K 101 has their own story and their own pathway they took into the lifestyle.  You can find the cast and crew at their social media below:

Mr. NVT – Twitter
eNVy – Twitter
SAL – Twitter
KMFDMike – Twitter
Wallstreet – Twitter
Syn – Twitter
CirceInKnots – Twitter
Chapin – Twitter
Twisted Janey – Twitter

Watch the NonVanillaTryst K 101 Podcast on Youtube or listen on Apple Podcasts and Stitcher for more exciting episodes!


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