A Thank You to Sparkle the Soul

Have you ever woken up one morning to something that just made your soul sparkle?

Well…maybe not sparkle…but something that fills you with such joy and gratitude that you can’t help, but share it with the world.

✨ ✨ Two days ago, my soul sparkled.  ✨ ✨

Whenever I share posts, I receive immediate feedback from those with whom I share. It’s usually friends who share the interest of sexual and relationship self-discovery. Few and far between do I receive comments from readers who I don’t already know.

Quarantine, lockdown, COVID-19, corona, whatever you call this clusterfuck of a year has me revisiting old hobbies, including sending snail mail. It started with local friends. Those I couldn’t see because…well, you know. It spread to penpal subreddits. Then, I rediscovered a website I used way back in 2016 BC (before COVID): PostCrossing. It’s a website based solely around the love of sending and receiving traditional mail, with the main form being postcards.

If you like sending and receiving mail, sign up! It’s a wonderful community with great people.  The idea behind it is for every postcard you send out, you’ll receive one in return. It doesn’t promote the traditional penpal agenda, but it doesn’t limit it either. I have a few people with whom I’ve had the initial exchange later become permanent postmates.

Much like any other social media type website, you sign up and create a profile. I, of course, shared this blog in my profile. Never did I think people would actually utilize the link and read my blog. I was proven wrong. One member even reached out and said they’d been saving a particularly racy postcard for just the right person and after reading my blog they sent it to me!

How bloody cool is it that my first blogger gift was from PostCrossing!?

I digress.

Two days ago, I opened my PostCrossing messages to find a note entitled “Thank You.” I thought it nothing more than a postcard recipient thanking me for sending them something they enjoyed.

I was wrong.

With the permission of the sender, who asked to remain anonymous, I share with you the message:

Hi! Uhm, I’m not entirely sure how to start this so I guess I’ll be straight to the point: Thank you, Jewell. I haven’t been feeling as motivated or cheerful lately, and if I’m being honest, I’m writing you this message from my bed where I’m having a hard time wanting to get up and shower. It’s one of those days where I’m feeling like all my classes will have to be attended from my bed. By pure chance I found this, and I’m gonna go have that shower now. It may not be much in the grand scheme of things; I’ve piled up so many assignments and to-do’s in the realms of college apps, it’s kind of impressive. That being said, it’s a start, so I wanted to thank you for, well, being someone that’s put some good into the world. I really do hope you’re managing through all the 2020 craziness and doing what you can to keep sane. I’ve never seen Kill Bill, but somehow, “Wiggle your big toe” is probably gonna stay tattooed on my heart for awhile.

😮😮😮 OH MY GODS! 😲😲😲

Never have I ever heard such kind and heartwarming words regarding my blog. Never have I ever thought that my blog would have that big of an impact on someone’s life. I was in total shock. I am beyond grateful that this person took their precious time to write to me when even showering is difficult for them to accomplish.

To clarify, the ‘this’ to which the writer is referring is the article Self-Care for When You’ve Hit Rock Bottom. I’ve been there. I know rock bottom. I’ve crawled out of that hole, bloody and mangled, and wanted to share with others that they can do it, too.  On top of that, as I wrote in the original article, “You can’t have a relationship with another person if you can’t have a relationship with yourself.”

So, again I thank you, sender, for your kind words and generous accoutrements that anyone who suffers from mental health issues understands the difficulty behind. I am beyond awed at your strength and kindness.

Thank you.

To my readers, go make someone’s soul sparkle.  And if someone throws the glitter equivalent of generosity your way, thank them feverishly.

Photo by Volkan Olmez on Unsplash

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