Introducing MAIL TIME! The Erotic Postcard Series

What do you do when you’ve been in quarantine for nearly a year (323 days according to my watch), are unemployed with the inane difficulty of finding a job during a pandemic, and an unrealistic stockpile of stationery products? You turn the excess time and unused stationery into a hobby.

Let’s pause for a second, though. How am I a 30-something, and I am just finding out that stationary and stationery are two different words? 😲😲😲 Apparently, I’ve been telling people I’m addicted to motionless objects rather than writing materials for the last three decades.

To be fair, the former describes the latter, but that’s beyond the point.

Okay, where was I? Right! Stationery products in abundance. Stickers, pens, journals, colored paper, and postcards! Over the years, my best friend and I have exchanged mail. Not being able to share life with them in person (because of the pandemic) and not caring that it took upwards of two months to deliver (delayed postal service also due to the pandemic) ignited the joy of exchanging mail.

PostCrossing and my friends weren’t giving me nearly enough time invested in my hobby. Not to mention I’d just bought 100 postcards! How the hell was I going to get through all of them!?

Enter PostCrossing’s Forum.

It’s a discussion board that allows members of the website to interact with one another via general chatting, trades, or even games relating to postcards or stamps.

Holy hell!
I’m in heaven!

My first month in the forum was pretty uneventful. I posted an introduction with a trade request and waited. By the end of November, I was actively participating in games and swaps.

It was also the end of November when I received my first ear (…eye?) perking exchange. A member was requesting cards sent to their mother for her birthday, and in exchange, they’d send you a card. After checking out my profile, the member said they had a card they thought I’d like, based explicitly on my blog! Not only had they read my about page, but they clicked through the hyperlink that, of course, I included in my profile and found Jewell Uncensored.


That one postcard broke the dam.

Over the last two months, I have received numerous requests to send Erotic/NSFW cards. What better way to celebrate these cards than to share them on the blog that spawned them? Much like my original post, up went a post requesting members Erotic/NSFW cards in exchange for any card in my now over 700 card stockpile.

Pause for a second…I had NO IDEA companies made postcards in such a theme!

With the influx of sexy cards in my mailbox, a new blog series idea was born.

MAIL TIME! The Erotic Postcard Series

Let’s not even talk about how the Blue’s Clues song plays in my head when I think about it. From now on, with permission from and complete anonymity for the senders, this new series will feature any Erotic card I receive!

If you read one of my more recent posts, A Thank You to Sparkle the Soul, you got a free preview of the card that started it all. Below is a black and white photograph of a male-type creature with his white button-up undone and his impeccably muscled abs tempting whoever may be curious.

For the sender’s protection, I’ll only be sharing the image of the postcard accompanied, of course, by my commentary.

Here’s a question, what do you write on an erotic card? This card arrived blank, and when I ultimately sent it to another user, it was also blank. Let me know your thoughts.

Image by LwcyD from Pixabay

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