MAIL TIME! Bettie Page Postcard

When I think of pin-up girls, one woman comes to mind immediately and that is Bettie Page.

And, lucky for me, this postcard of the gorgeous Bettie Page arrived this week.  It is a photograph taken by Bunny Yeager in 1996.  Bettie Page was a pin-up model who gained notoriety as ‘The Queen of Pin-ups’ in the 1950s.

While writing this, all I could think of was my childhood best friend’s tattoo of Marylin Monroe and Bettie Page.  I have a picture of her Marylin Monroe tattoo, but not of her Bettie Page tattoo.  I’ve texted her to one, see if I can post the picture, and two, get a good picture of the entire tattoo to post given she’s okay with it.  Let’s see what she says!


My childhood best friend, we’ll call her Jean, said it was okay to share some pictures of the tattoo, so here we are!

Jean’s Marylin Monroe and Bettie Page tattoo.

Jean’s Bettie Page tattoo.

Image by LwcyD from Pixabay

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