MAIL TIME: Let’s Unload Some Erotic Mail

Not gonna lie…

I wasn’t expecting such a huge response to my request for NSFW/erotic postcards…

Also, not gonna lie…


The only unfortunate thing about receiving such a plethora of cards is that I can’t highlight them all! If I did, this would turn into just an erotic postcard blog, and I don’t think we want that…

So, here’s a round-up of the cards I’ve received thus far.  It ranges from Pride Themed to Slightly Teasing to Full Blown Erotica.  Again, for the sake of the senders, I’m only including the front of each card sent.

Going forward, all NSFW/Erotic-themed cards will be hosted in the Erotic Postcard Gallery. Then, a select few will be featured weekly.

Do you have an NSFW/Erotic-themed card you want to send me? Register at and send me a message in the forum!

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