The Fuck-It List

You’ve heard of a ‘Bucket List’, all the things you want to do before you die.  Well, I bring you ‘The Fuck-It List’.  The list of all the things that I want to do before I die…in bed (or as many of these items identify…out of bed).  These are the naughty and kinky and sexual and sensual things I want to do before I die.  Have anything I should add?  Comment below!

☐ Wax play
☐ Male-female-male threesome
☐ Foursome
☐ Orgy
☑ Female-female-male threesome
☑ Sex in a car
☑ Sex in a tree
☑ Sex in a pool
☑ Sex in a hot tub
☐ Use a sex swing
☐ Be tied up
☑ Tie someone up
☑ Visit a swingers club
☐ Visit a strip club together and get a lap dance for both of you
☐ Have sex in a rain storm
☐ Blindfolded
☑ Watch pornography together
☐ Have sex on a boat
☐ Watch each other masturbate to completion
☐ Have sex every day for a week
☐ Have sex in the woods
☑ Go shopping at a sex toy shop together
☐ Practice role playing scenarios
☑ Get a couples massage
☐ Join the mile high club
☑ Have phone sex
☑ Have video chat sex
☑ Make a “home video”
☑ Have sex in a public place
☑ Have oral sex in a public place
☑ Go skinny dipping with your partner
☐ Have sex with food involved
☐ Read each other erotic stories aloud
☐ Have sex in an elevator
☑ Use a new sex toy
☑ Have anal sex
☑ Touch each other under the dinner table out at a restaurant
☑ Spend an entire day naked together
☑ Go lingerie shopping together
☐ Use ice on each other’s bodies
☑ Have sex in someone else’s bed
☐ Have sex when there are a lot of people around who could catch you
☑ Use a sex toy on someone else
☑ Be a voyeur and watch others having sex
☐ Sex at a drive-in
☑ Sex with a stranger
☑ One-night stand
☑ Light spanking
☑ Heavy spanking
☐ Play strip poker/Monopoly/card game
☑ Sex in the shower
☑ Sex standing up against a wall
☐ Sex in a tent in the wilderness
☐ Sex in the pitch black
☑ Sex in the broad daylight
☑ Making out with no sex
☑ Sex with someone much older
☐ Sex in a foreign country, possibly with a foreigner
☑ Sex while “altered” whether by alcohol or something else
☐ Learn to orgasm in less than five minutes from intercourse alone
☑ Silent sex in a full house
☐ Sending naked photos to each another
☐ Talking really dirty
☑ Sex while someone is watching
☐ Teasing your partner to the point of orgasm, over and over
☑ Really loud sex
☑ Sex in a favorite position
☑ Sex in a new position
☑ Orgasming at the same time
☐ Sex with deep emotion and love
☑ Not sleeping all night
☑ Sex on the floor
☑ Trying the 69 position
☑ Sex with a condom
☑ Sex without a condom
☑ Oral sex with mints
☐ Sex in the back of a movie theater
☐ Sex with someone you’re angry at
☑ Masturbating during sex
☑ Having sexy nicknames with your partner
☐ Using a dildo and your partner — at the same time
☐ Feeding someone sexually
☑ Sex in a chair
☑ Sex with constant eye contact
☐ Double penetration
☑ Try A Sexy Photo shoot
☐ Pegging
☐ Female-female-female threesome
☑ Have multiple orgasms
☐ Sex in a cemetery
☑ Make someone else squirt
☐ Use a remote control toy
☐ Buy a Kamra Sutra book
☐ Do every position in that book
☐ Claim every piece of furniture in the house
☐ Have sex vacation weekend where you have sex at least 10 times in one weekend
☐ Allow your partner to dominate you for a night
☐ Dominate your partner for a night
☑ Go to a munch
☐ Go to a play party
☐ Attempt a CNC scene and/or Abduction scene
☐ Stranger role-play
☐ Getting gang-banged and have all holes filled at once
☐ All senses shut off (ball gag, blindfold, headphones, hands tied) while being fucked
☐ Having a sound-proofed room so I can be as loud as I really want to
Have sex in all 50 states
☐ On a mountain doggie style looking at the view
☐ Visit a dungeon


Photo by Emiliano Vittoriosi on Unsplash